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Free Family Tree Templates

Below is a survey of different free family tree templates and some family tree templates that are not so free including:

Printable Free family tree templates online

If you are looking for a good family tree template the Library of Michigan offers an excellent blank family tree with room to add vital information about your ancestors.

Purchase beautiful family tree templates

Family Tree TemplatesFamily Tree Kit: is a beautiful family tree template where you can enter your ancestors in different colored leaves going back five generations. You can purchase this elegant family tree template framed or unframed.

Free Family Tree TemplatesFamily Tree Frame: is a beautiful sculpted brass and brushed nickel blank family tree.  Pictures of your family are the leaves of this unique way to exhibit your family.  A perfect gift treasured by any family.

Free Family Tree TemplatePersonalized Family Chronicle: is a wonderful way to chronicle your family story.  Including places to put family stories, your family tree template, and other important events, this beautiful journal will be treasured for generations to come.  Leather bound with your family name engraved on the front and 500 gilt-edged pages.

Logo 88x31For gifts like these and more, click on the Red Envelope logo, and then enter " family tree" in the search box on the Red Envelope web site -- the search box is on the upper right of the page.

Online family tree template

The Ancestry World Tree contains more than 200 million names in family trees submitted by users. The Ancestry World Tree is the largest collection of its kind on the Internet. You can easily add members to the family tree template, which you can then print out or share with others in your family.  Your family tree can provide you with insight into the life of your ancestors.

To begin building your free family tree templatesonline, sign up for a free trial to begin by clicking: One World Tree

Our Free Family Tree Template Library

Below are free printable family tree research templates.  If you are researching original sources and traveling frequently then these family tree research templates are very helpful.

Free Family Tree Templates - Research calendar: Helpful for planning research trips as well as a record.

Free Family Tree Templates - Research extract template: A summary of research for easy reference.

Free Family Tree Templates - Census forms template: Record your ancestry in the blank copies of census forms.

Free Family Tree Templates - Correspondence record template: Tracks the people you have corresponded with and useful for research trips and reunions.

Free Family Tree Templates - Family group sheet template: A paper record of families, good record keeping device.

Free Family Tree Templates - Source summary template: Summarizes the sources for easy reference.

I hope that this summary of free family tree templates online was useful in your search for your family history.

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