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I hope that this summary of free death records online is useful in your search for your family history.

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Finding a death record for one of your ancestors is not only a critical step in building your family tree but also can provide insight into the life of an ancestor.  The internet can be a very effective tool for tracking down free death records, and using the internet to find death records including - newspapers archives, the Social Security Death Index and cemetary records is clearly the fastest way to build your familiy tree.

For the best free death record search of obituaries, click on the link for free death records. This link takes you to a search page which scours many US newspapers and is the quickest method to search obituaries.  

Click here for other free obituary searches online, this includes links to state newspapers. Frequently newspapers keep old obituaries posted; you can always contact the newspaper directly.

The Social Security Death Index (“SSDI”) contains 74 Million deaths reported to the Social Security Administration.  This is not an all inclusive list of everyone who has died in the US but it is a large portion of deaths.  You can search the social security death index resources that are available online.

Other Free Death Record Resources

Finally, to search free death records online and to add more information to your family tree, you can search tombstone transcriptions online.  Click here to find resources to cemetary records.

If you are looking for a particular location of death records, click on this excellent free death record website which will breakdown a variety of death records for free such as photos of tombstones, transcriptions and links to resources for death records based on a particular location. You can even submit your own free death records and help others research their genealogy. Below are quick links to free death records broken down by location:

I hope this composite of free death record information has been useful in your search for your genealogy and discovering death records of your ancestors. Here is another set of links for death record sites. Best of luck in your journey.

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